Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So Tim Dolan wants to make nice to the gay community

I think that Cardinal Dolan is being disingenuous in suggesting that he wants to reach out to the gay community. Were Dolan not a priest he would be a big city ward boss. Nevertheless, if Dolan is serious, then there are a few things that he can do to show some respect:
  1. Admit that gay people exist. Gay people are not "individuals who experience same-sex attraction."  While I am at it, lose the term same-sex attraction and never utter "SSA" as if it were in the DSM.
  2. Circa 2005, then Cardinal Ratzinger wrote that we do violence to children by placing them in same-sex households. I honestly don't know how we get past that. It is a notion that is patently absurd and profoundly offensive.
  3. The Church need never solemnize a gay wedding. So what is the honest objection to marriage equality? So far, all we seem to get is some gobbledygook cooked up by Robby George to obfuscate a religious objection. Since when did the Church rely on talking points in contrast to reality?
  4. Do something about National Organization for Marriage. The appearance is that they are a proxy for the USCCB. As such, they have become a virulent anti-gay hate group.
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