Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So where are the usual threats from Brian Brown as he finally condemns violence in France

Rhode Island is on the way to marriage equality. The entire Republican Senate Caucus endorsed the equality bill. Ordinarily, that would result in a snorting Brian Brown vowing to spend ridiculous amounts of money to "primary" the offenders from their right. Just three weeks ago we enjoyed this bellicosity in a "press release" that the press uniformly ignores:
"Any Republican in Illinois who betrays the cause of marriage will be casting a career-ending vote and will be held accountable to their constituents." —Brian Brown, NOM's president—
Brown went on to threaten to spend $250,000 to defeat GOPers who didn't toe the line on marriage discrimination.

Today? We get nothing. Zip. Nada. Perhaps Brian is distracted.
It appears that France's socialist government is on the verge of succeeding in their ill-conceived quest to redefine marriage, despite massive grassroots opposition from the citizenry. We urge all French citizens to contact lawmakers to express their strong opposition to this policy. We also call on all citizens to conduct themselves honorably and peacefully. Even though the same-sex marriage policy being foisted on an unwilling public is profoundly unwise and anti-family, no citizen should ever express their disapproval through violent means. We condemn in the strongest possible terms violence by anyone on either side of this debate.
I hate to be cynical but Brown was perfectly willing to accept violence when he thought that it was beneficial to National Organization for Marriage.
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