Thursday, April 11, 2013

Speaking of victims there is always the Boy Scouts of America

Oh the poor dears. Who decided that April 11 was "Manufactured Victim Day?" I'm reading this post on ADF's blog titled Scouting Irony: Who's Bullying Who? (should that be whom?). By the way, in Christianist-world, every day is "Manufactured Victim Day."

According to ADF California State Senator Ricardo Lara is picking on the poor defenseless Boy Scouts of America. Lara, you see, is behind some legislation that  would deny the Scouts' tax exempt status if they deny membership to gays. According to ADF, this is impossible due to " the scouts’ policy of being "morally straight.'" I am sure that I need not explain how a gay Scout could be "morally straight." Furthermore, are they sure that all of the heterosexual scouts are virgins? But what makes ADF's post a cherry is this little gem:
The idea that government should dictate to the Boy Scouts—a private charitable organization—the characteristics and values that are necessary to lead one of its troops is quite simply un-American.
What seems "un-American" to me is open discrimination. 

Allow me to explain to these imbeciles that we all subsidize tax-exempt organizations. Just try to imagine all of the sales and property taxes that the Scouts do not pay. We (including gays) have to make up the difference.

It makes perfect sense to me that the behavior of the Scouts is incompatible with the inclusive non-discriminatory societal values of the State of California. The presence, or absence, of taxes is used quite frequently to affect behavior. Anyone who still smokes knows exactly what I am referring to. Should this bill pass, the state would be saying to the Scouts that they can remain tax exempt only if membership is open to all of the state's male children. It seems equitable and straight-forward to me.

As for picking on those poor defenseless Boy Scouts. the Orange County Council alone has an $11 million operating budget and pays its Executive Director over $200,000 per year. Furthermore, they are sitting on $70 million in assets. I don't think that we have to worry about their continuing solvency. Again, this is just one of many councils in California. I'll bet that they (which means "we") are paying an army of lawyers and lobbyists.

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