Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The stunning intellectual dishonesty of Robert P. George

The "great Catholic intellectual" resorts to the slippery slope.

Last night, Robby George posted his latest polemic titled Slate Writer Argues for Polygamy to Rusty Reno's "First Things" space. Therein he writes:
Robert P. George
“You are resorting to scare tactics!”

“No one is arguing for the legal recognition of polygamous or polyamorous relationships as marriages!”

“Recognizing same-sex partnerships does not open the door to changing fundamental marital norms. It will not change the nature of marriage as a monogamous and exclusive union—it will simply make marriage as we’ve always understood it available to more people.”

That was then; this is now. Have a look at the article by Jillian Keenan in the perfectly mainstream online magazine Slate:
Jillian Keenan
Well, Robby, if Jillian Keenan writes it, then it must be so. Keenan has written two articles for slate; The other is about her predilection for kink.  Other than that, Keenan's primary interest is Shakespeare. I wonder if Mr. George could point me to the national group of polygamy activists and cite their legal challenges.

Later in the day I plan to have an email colloquy with some of the writers of both The Borgias and da Vinci's Demons. Obviously, they are experts on the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps I can get some guidance on marriage equality.

Regarding the quote, above:
  1. Yes, George is resorting to scare tactics.
  2. No one is arguing for recognition of polygamist relationships. "Arguing," in that context customarily requires a legal challenge.
  3. It remains true that recognizing same-sex marriages does not open the door to changing fundamental marital norms.
Finally, what Mr. George overlooks is that a majority of our citizenry supports marriage equality. I doubt that recognition of polygamy has similar support. By the way, the template for polygamy is not Big Love. The overwhelming majority of polygamists in the United States are Muslims of Arab descent. By the way, I see that NOM picked up on this theme (without attribution to George).
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