Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This time the threat of violence in France comes from a Roman Catholic Cardinal

Yesterday I wrote of threats of violence from marriage discrimination activists in France. Today, the threat is coming from Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, the Archbishop of Paris,
This is the way a violent society develops. Society has lost its capacity of integration and especially its ability to blend differences in a common project.
Referring to recent protests against marriage equality, which took place while France's Senate was debating the issue, the Cardinal said the government was not listening to French citizens. He threatened that this could lead to more incidents of violence in reaction.

Apparently the Cardinal thinks that France should not legislate equality because the people who don't like it will express their disapproval by physically injuring others. That is some civics lesson coming from this privileged prelate. The arrogance is simply astonishing. This comes at a time when violence against LGBT French citizens is rising.

When he claims that the government is not listening that means that the government is not obeying him. If you disagree with him then you must not be listening to him. Hubris and chutzpah.

In effect the Cardinal is inciting and sanctioning violence. He is certainly not asking his parishioners to be peaceful.

France's Assembly is expected to take a procedural vote tomorrow that will approve the marriage equality bill and send it to President François Hollande. Hollande has said that he will sign the bill into law.

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