Friday, May 3, 2013

Apparently, Christopher Plante is trying to remain less irrelevant

National Organization for Marriage has/had a regional director in Rhode Island     Christopher Plante. Plante is not pleased    not pleased at all    that Rhode Island has become an equal marriage state. In the past, Plante has been self-titled as the "President of NOM, Rhode Island." This afternoon, Plante issued a "press release." It replicates the style and format of NOM's PR firm, CRC Public Relations, but doesn't seem to have been "crafted" by them (Sean Fieler's money has its limitations). After repeating the usual talking points about "genderless marriage" (whatever that means) and the rights of children to have a mom and dad (which is irrelevant to marriage equality), Christopher concludes with:
To schedule an interview with Christopher Plante, Regional Director of the National Organization for Marriage, contact him at 401-228-7602 or
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