Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boy, 5, kills 2-year-old sister with rifle received as a gift

What kind of cretin gives a five-year-old a rifle? What kind of mindless idiot allows a five-year-old access to a rifle without adult supervisions? Neither background checks nor an assault weapons ban could have prevented this disaster. How about some basic common sense? We have far too many weapons in our society. Our gun fetish and minimal gun safety causes about 12,000 gun deaths and another 100,000 or so gun injuries every single year.

This occurred in Southern Kentucky. In this case, the rifle was made by a company that sells guns specifically for children — “My first rifle” is the slogan — in colors ranging from plain brown to hot pink to orange to royal blue to multi-color swirls.

The rifle was kept in a corner of their mobile home, and the family didn't realize a bullet had been left in it.

"My first rifle?" Children's guns. What could possibly go wrong? Just to put this in perspective, here are development milestones for a five-year-old:

Fine Motor Skills

  • Hand preference is established
  • Laces (but cannot tie) shoes
  • Grasps pencil like an adult
  • Colors within lines
  • Cuts and pastes simple shapes

Language and Thinking Development

  • Speaks fluently; correctly uses plurals, pronouns, tenses
  • Very interested in words and language; seeks knowledge
  • Understands and names opposites
  • Uses complex language
  • Still confuses fantasy and reality at times
  • Thinking is still na├»ve; doesn't use adult logic

Social and Emotional Development

  • Distinguishes right from wrong, honest from dishonest, but does not recognize intent
  • Plays make-believe and dresses up
  • Mimics adults and seeks praise
  • Seeks to play rather than be alone; friends are important
  • Plays with both boys and girls but prefers the same sex
  • Wants to conform; may criticize those who do not

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