Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brian Brown asks 'Why do we fight?'

Answers for National Organization for [banning gay] Marriage depend upon what their media advisers suggest are playing well now. A year ago it was the importance of the institution of marriage. More recently it has been that every child deserves a mom and a dad (which has nothing to do with marriage equality). Today? The theme du jour? According to an email blast, we want marriage equality so that we can then proceed to wreck marriage (well of course).
Their True Intentions

Two gay marriage advocates, both well-credentialed professional women, came forward to say what you and I know in our hearts: the gay marriage movement is based on lies.

The really Big Lie is that government can change reality: two men are not the same as a husband and wife. No government decree can make it so.

The smaller, endlessly repeated lie is that gay marriage will have no consequences.

Two women who advocate for gay marriage have come forward to at last admit what we know: the gay marriage movement doesn't tell the truth about its own intentions.

I told you about Masha Gessen a few weeks ago, the New York Times blogger Obama appointed to run Radio Liberty in Russia. ...
Why does NOM really fight?

Simple. National Organization for Marriage is, and always has been, an ultra-conservative Catholic organization with ties to Opus Dei. NOMmers feel that they have a religious obligation to oppose gay marriage in accordance with the teachings of their bishops.
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