Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BS over the BSA is putting gay kids at significant risk

Allowing gay kids to be Boy Scouts has become DADT redux. However, the reaction from religious conservatives has been angrier, more strident and far more hateful. They are promoting homophobia in the true sense of the word.

Gay children don't live in a vacuum. They are hearing every hateful word. Even worse is the probability that they believe some of the vitriol. After all, it's coming from grownups, or at least people claiming to be grownups.

John Stemberger, head of the Christian extremist anti-gay group, Florida Family Policy Council and the Scouting discrimination site, "On My Honor," essentially claims that gay boys are really girls. He asserts that allowing gay boys in will turn the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts into the "Unisex Scouts." As ignorant and crazy as that all sounds, this imbecile has been given a microphone. He is permitted to write this hate speech in the Washington Times and has become a go-to guy for the Christian right. He has threatened to withdraw his son from Scouting if they lift the gay ban. He is likely sending his children off to school as homophobic time bombs.

Gay children have underdeveloped ego strengths. They may be insecure and self-loathing, particularly if they do not have supportive parents. We still live in a society where parents cast out gay children to live on the streets. Psychologists tell us that childhood damage can affect people well into adulthood, sometimes for life. Homophobia damages straight children as well. They are infecting them with hate and ignorance.

While Stemberger is a dim bulb, Tony Perkins and his ilk are money hungry cynics with large organizations capable of spreading hate on a massive scale. They have been telling people for decades that homosexuality is an airborne contagion. Now, with the prospect of the Scouts lifting their ban on gay kids, Perkins has said; "it introduces open and overt sexuality into an organization that is designed to foster character and leadership."

The message that these people are sending to parents is that their kids are going to be turned gay.

They know exactly what they are doing. It's the same thinking that produced "gay marriage will be taught in school." Meanwhile, gay boys are being described as predatory perverts who threaten the virtue of the righteous and honorable Boy Scouts of America. Adults are intentionally inflicting pain on some children and their parents. So this is Christian?

Shame on all of them!

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