Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It was nice of Restored Hope Network to give us a list of the crackpots

Alan Chambers must have discovered Prozac because he is becoming saner by the day. When Exodus International finally accepted the fact that you cannot turn gay people into straight people that left a vacuum which was promptly filled by Restored Hope Network. Today, at Christian Newswire:
Courageous Christian Leaders Stand with Restored Hope Network

Announcing Restored Hope Network's Board of Reference
Let me stop there for a moment. I have been on several boards of directors, boards of trustees and boards of advisors. What on earth is a "board of reference?" Whatever the hell it is, it's filled with the usual crazies. Oh, and apparently Matt Barber has acquired a Ph.D:
Restored Hope Network is pleased to announce its Restored Hope Board of Reference comprised of strong, competent and fearless leaders who choose to stand with the new ministry and the truth that Jesus still transforms lives in conformity to God's will. They are Dr. Randy Alcorn, Eternal Perspectives Ministries; Dr. Matthew Barber, Liberty Counsel; Steve Berger, Grace Chapel Nashville; Dr. Michael L. Brown, Fire School of Ministry; Fr. Paul Check, Courage; Dr. Robert A. Gagnon, Pittsburg Theological Seminary; Rev. Jim Garlow, Skyline Wesleyan Church; Dr. June Hunt, Hope For The Heart; Dr. Juan Martinez, Fuller Theological Seminary; Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, NARTH; Dr. Ray Ortlund, Jr., The Gospel Coalition; Janet Parshall, host of Moody syndicated radio "In The Market;" Leanne Payne, Pastoral Care Ministries; Georgene Rice, The Georgene Rice Show; Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel; and Christopher West, Theology of the Body Institute.
Sarcasm aside, there's nothing funny about this. These people damage children and their parents, often for a lifetime. And for what? To continue to deny that parents have no more control over the sexual orientation of their children than they have over the color of their eyes?
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