Friday, May 10, 2013

Minnesota for Marriage has its own 'gays lie' meme which, of course, is a lie

As a group LGBT Americans and their allies have been rather truthful in campaigning for marriage equality.

According to Minnesota for Marriage, our campaign against a marriage amendment last fall was premised on the notion that beating back the amendment was not a predicate for gay marriage. Aside from the fact that I can find no evidence to support that claim it is counter-intuitive.

The very purpose of the amendment was to create a proxy for gay marriage so that our civil rights could be subject to the whims of the electorate. Moreover, proponents of the measure said that it was necessary to prevent gay marriage. All of those preposterous videos by Kalley Yanta created the usual list of (mythical) horribles that would be thrust upon Minnesota by gay marriage.

Through their inept campaign, Minnesota for Marriage advanced the cause of marriage equality!

Now they are saying that we lied about our motives. The argument is as mediocre as Ms. Yanta's hairdo. It's also as intellectually vacant as the arguments they made in pursuit of the amendment last fall:
Bill Would Trample Religious Liberty Rights of Thousands of Minnesotans and Redefine Marriage and Parenthood as Genderless for All

Minneapolis—Just six months ago, we were told often and loudly that there were no real threats to the current definition of marriage.  We publicly argued that this was false. Over one million Minnesotans voted to protect marriage in the Constitution, but the marriage amendment did not pass.  The efforts to redefine marriage today speak for themselves.

Now we are being told that redefining marriage poses no threat to religious liberty, and again, we argue that this is false.  If we redefine marriage with the passage of this bill, over one million Minnesotans will be forced to either affirm what they believe to be false or subject themselves to prosecution and insult as “bigots” and “criminals under our law.
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