Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mohler "Boy Scouts at the Brink"

Albert Mohler
Albert Mohler is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Apparently the national council of the Boy Scouts of America is "actually deciding the future of the entire organization."

According to Mohler:
In 2000, the B.S.A. prevailed at the U.S. Supreme Court when the nation’s highest court ruled that the Boy Scouts had a constitutional right to exclude openly gay boys and leaders from the organization ...
Yes, Boy Scouts of America v. Dale resulted in a 5-4 decision allowing the BSA to discriminate. Just because it can doesn't mean that it should.

Mohler is painfully verbose. Eventually he gets to the fundamentals of the discrimination that he wants upheld:
How, exactly, are openly-gay boys to be included in the activities of Scouting? We are talking about boys who will now be expected to participate in everything from camping trips to travel with boys who are openly gay. Boys of these ages just might be the least equipped of all God’s creatures to deal with the complexities of the situation.
How exactly indeed? The answer is that the kids don't give a rat's ass unless they have subjected to indoctrination by the likes of Mohler. I am surprised that Mohler isn't fixated on boy showering together. What? Al thinks that the presence of gay boys will turn straight boys gay? Seriously? The only "complexities of the situation" are in the minds of people like Mohler.

Boys (straight and gay) want to have fun. That's it. It's not all that complicated. Mohler concludes:
...this proposed policy spells disaster for the Scouts, and, if adopted, that disaster will not be long in coming. The policy proposal the B.S.A. National Council will face on Thursday would surrender principle and forfeit the future of one of the nation’s most honored organizations. The B.S.A. now stands on the brink of disaster. The future of the movement now rests in the hands of the only people who can turn the Boy Scouts back from the brink.
Just like with the repeal of DADT there is no looming disaster unless discrimination is perpetuated. What values could possibly more important to pass on to young men than acceptance, inclusion, nondiscrimination and tolerance. Those are the real American values at stake.
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