Tuesday, May 7, 2013

National Organization for Marriage's big lie of the big lie

National Organization for Marriage seems fixated on portraying marriage equality proponents as untrustworthy liars. Their evidence of this collective character flaw requires medical attention for anorexia. The most developed of these themes is that gays are fighting an uphill battle to marry only so that they can destroy marriage. That's based on the out of context speech of a Russian writer in Australia. Well now, in Minnesota, they have introduced a new variant.

“In New York, we were promised that the religious freedom amendment to our same-sex marriage legislation would do the job,” said the Rev. Jason McGuire, president of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. “Our legislators bought the lie and today every New Yorker is living the lie.”

Minnesota for Marriage brought several town officials from New York, where same-sex marriage is legal, who argue they had to resign rather than be forced to process marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples even though it was against their religious beliefs.
I scarcely know where to begin. Yes. You work for the state. Your salary is paid by all New Yorkers and you do not get a choice of which tasks you will preform based on which measures you like or dislike. Furthermore, exactly how is processing a marriage license an affront to anyone's religious beliefs? Doing paperwork is an agnostic task. These people weren't forced to resign. They chose to resign and it was not due to an insult to their religion. These people chose to resign as a form of protest.

Some people are opposed to gay marriage but nobody is forcing them to gay marry.

Now that would infringe on someone's religious liberty. Clerical work? Please. From the idiot who doesn't want gay couples on his trolley in Maryland to the moronic florist in Washington, religious beliefs do not give people the right to discriminate. Segregation was based on religious belief. Restricted hotels ("no Jews allowed") discriminated because of religious beliefs.
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