Monday, May 20, 2013

NOM is now completely off the rails

National Orgaization for Marriage - Off the Rails
26 blog posts by National Organization for Marriage since the 10th. Five pertain to marriage.

The Irrational Organization for Banning Equal Marriage has  now decided that their mission is to be a victim of the IRS. If their blog is any indication, this is their latest obsession. As my friend Jeremy Hooper noted, earlier in the day, NOM seems to be AWOL in Illinois with a very close vote about to occur in the state legislature.

My hypothesis (and that's all it is) is that this is related to money. NOM has always relied on just a handful of donors to provide the vast majority of its funding. That puts them in peril should just one of these donors have a bad year or lose interest. NOM is not sitting on a pile of cash. On their most recently released tax filing, they showed a deficit in fund balances of $700 thousand. NOM seems to have made a decision, at least in the last week or so, that the (illegitimate) IRS controversy is better for fundraising than marriage.

It is also possible that the board has lost confidence in Brian Brown. This has been an amateurishly run organization that serves as a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Church can sustain a string of losses; NOM cannot.
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