Monday, May 13, 2013

NOM rattling their chains - again - over "stolen" tax return

NOM crying towel
National Organization for Marriage needs a distraction ...and a "look  at us."

The tax returns of not-for-profit organizations (their "990" filings) are public. However, the organization redacts the names of individual donors and the amount of their donations.

In March of 2012 an unredacted return (PDF) made its way to the Human Rights Campaign. With absolute certitude, NOM claimed that the return must have been provided by the IRS because the past President of HRC was a co-chair of President Obama's reelection campaign and it showed that a Romney PAC donated money to Prop 8. That same day I was able to demonstrate that NOM's "evidence" wasn't evidence of anything at all.

I believed at the time, and continue to believe, that the return was provided by an employee of either NOM or their accountant.The PAC was a 527. Anyone with the Obama campaign would know that there was a public record of its contributions.

An employee of the Internal Revenue Service would leave a considerable trail if they attempted to access and then print a tax record. It seems highly unlikely. Furthermore, NOM has certainly received reply correspondence from the Service on this matter     correspondence that NOM has never made public. What does the IRS have to say?

Today, NOM figured that it would get some attention with one of their press releases that the press rarely picks up. This one has the rather long winded title: National Organization for Marriage Renews Demand That IRS Come Clean On Stolen and Leaked Tax Return; Seeks Investigation Into Possible White House or Obama Campaign Role.

Therein NOM links their interests  with those of Tea Party groups who might have been targeted for audit.  The notion that the Obama campaign or the White House were involved in order to demonstrate a that a $10,000 donation came from a Romney affiliated PAC is ludicrous.

There are greater potential embarrassments such as the $550,000 from the Templetons.  I am also guessing that, if the IRS thought that the return was obtained illegally they would have requested Huffington Post to remove it from their site. But as I said, this is just a distraction.
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