Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NOM Rhode Island's Christopher Plante Needs a New Hobby

Gov. Chafee Tweet on Marriage Equality
National Organization for Marriage Rhode Island branch manager, Christopher Plante is battling the imminent and the inevitable. Marriage equality in Rhode Island is a done deal. That didn't stop Plante from issuing an awkwardly worded statement this afternoon:
Chrisopher Plante, National Organization for Marriage
Besides advocating a flawed policy, HB 5015 and SB 38 contain a shocking lack of religious liberty protections, potentially ghettoizing people of faith unless they compromise and remain silent in the public square.
Bills don't "advocate" anything. "Ghettoizing?" WTF? Obviously, Mr. Plante would prefer that marriage equality not come to Rhode Island. If it has to be then Plante wants Christians to have the right to discriminate in public accommodations. For the record, nothing in marriage equality operates to silence anyone. That's just fiction; a disingenuous talking point.
Redefining marriage into a genderless institution to satisfy the demands of a small but politically powerful group is bad enough, but besides advocating a flawed policy HB 5015 and SB 38 contain a shocking lack of religious liberty protections,"
That is followed by the usual litany of hapless people who think that religious liberty means that they have the right to deny service to gay people. That bit of sophistry doesn't seem to work anymore.
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