Thursday, May 9, 2013

NOMnuts Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our friends at National Organization for Marriage are having a real bad year.

With Minnesota a near lock for equality, NOM turns its attention back to Delaware. In a rather wordy "press release" Brian Brown wants the world to know:
Lawmakers in Delaware chose to abandon and discard society's most important institution and put their pro-marriage constituents on a collision course with the law. — Brian Brown, NOM president
Well that would be the entire state of Delaware for who is not "pro-marriage?" Doesn't Mr. Brown get it? This nonsense doesn't work anymore. Furthermore, it is a reasonable certainty that, just like they did in Washington, some poor schmuck, trying just to make a point, is going to discriminate against a gay couple in a public accommodation and then claim that they have been victimized and that gay marriage is to blame.

There is no "collision course." The law is clear regardless of marriage equality.

I don't know if Mr. Brown actually believes this or if it is just part of a cynical strategy. Either way, religion does not provide a legal exemption to anti-discrimination laws. Religion has not gotten an exclusion since desegregation in the 1960's. Of course Brown has to add:
And the biggest losers in the redefinition of marriage will be children.
Sure Brian. Sure. Brown concludes:
This is not the end of the debate. We intend to make sure that every citizen in Delaware knows how their policymakers voted on this critical issue. We will hold the politicians accountable for their votes. Republicans like Catherine Cloutier, especially, will have to answer for abandoning marriage — a core position of the GOP platform — and many may face primary challengers, as they should
Maybe they will try this again since it was so successful the first time around.
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