Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pray Away the Day: Randy Thomasson warns parents to keep their kids home on Harvey Milk Day

Randy Thomasson with his little picture book
Randy Thomasson of urges parents to "protect your kids" from Harvey Milk Day in California's schools. His solution is to keep the children at home which teaches them a valuable lesson; The purpose of school is only to teach you things that you like. According to Thomasson (on his "Rescue Your Child" site):
Every May (around the 22nd), many California public schools and individual teachers will celebrate the "life" and "contributions" of late homosexual activist and teen predator Harvey Milk.

[ ... ]
Children will be taught to admire the life and values of late homosexual activist Harvey Milk, of whom the bill states: "...perhaps more than any other modern figure, Harvey Milk's life and political career embody the rise of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights movement in California, across the nation, and throughout the world."
In other words, Harvey Milk Day could turn your child into a hohmohSEKshooal. I wonder how long it takes for that to happen.

Do these people have the first clue how ridiculous they seem? Their children are doomed!
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