Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Peculiar World of Peggy Scott of Minnesota

Peggy Scott of Minnesota
Peggy Scott is a Republican member of the Minnesota House, representing Andover. Yes, unsurprisingly, that is in Michele Bachmann's district.

According to the Star Tribune Ms. Scott had something to say after her chamber approved a marriage equality bill:
“My heart breaks for Minnesota,” said a Rep. Peggy Scott, R-Andover.

“It’s a divisive issue that divides our state,” she said, wiping tears from her eyes as she stood on the House floor after the vote. “It’s not what we needed to be doing at this time. We want to come together for the state of Minnesota, we don’t want to divide it.”
Apparently Bachmann's affliction is contagious. Almost every issue is divisive. Only a few percentage points divide the citizenry on most matters. According to Ms. Scott's "logic" no legislation should ever pass. Moreover, had her side prevailed then supporters of marriage equality could have made the exact same claim. It is sheer imbecility. Perhaps I should send her a little note of appreciation.

Marriage discrimination is a means of "coming together?" I don't think so.
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