Friday, May 10, 2013

There they go again - NOM flailing away at their opponents

Brian Brown
National Organization for Marriage likes to threaten Republicans who cast votes for equality with consequences at the polls. NOM seems convinced that legislators should vote in accordance with the whims of a special interest group in contrast to their oath of office.

NOM has a habit of misunderstanding the electorate. In New Hampshire, in 2011, a number of Democratic legislators were replaced with Republicans. Brian Brown, NOM's head, assumed that this must have been because of gay marriage. NOM experienced a debacle trying to repeal marriage equality. Most of the Republicans voted in favor of equal marriage.

The reasons are simple. When a state accepts equal marriage, it doesn't take long to realize that none of the horribles that NOM predicted actually occur. They might find a florist who is too stupid to realize that their religion does not give them a free pass to discriminate. However, the public is smarter than that. Gay marriage isn't being "taught in school" and people aren't magically turning gay. God doesn't seem interested in unleashing a comet strike.

Some of NOM's bluster is probably an effort to remain relevant in a society that has largely accepted gay rights. Given their scorched earth, it is going to be difficult for NOM to pivot to an organization that genuinely advocates for marriage. At some point I suspect that Brown will be sacrificed to that effort.

According to the Washington Post (via the AP):
... opponents of gay marriage say Delaware lawmakers will face consequences for supporting the measure, which cleared the Senate on a 12-9 vote and was signed into law by Democratic Gov. Jack Markell barely half an hour later.

“I think there will be some people that will be replaced,” said Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, a conservative group opposed to same-sex marriage.
[ ... ]
“Either in a primary or in a general election, we don’t really care,” Brown said, adding that plenty of Democrats oppose gay marriage.
[ ... ]
While gay marriage is now the law of Delaware, Brown said his group would work to overturn it. “It may take a long time ... but we’ll continue to fight and continue to support candidates who support traditional marriage,” he said.
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