Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This is getting tedious: 'Archbishop Cordileone Decries Serious Injustice in Delaware'

Salvatore Cordileone
"Vow of Poverty" Attire
San Francisco Archbishop Cordileone is upset     again!

Overall, the verbiage is the usual boilerplate from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. He's added a bit about birth certificates; Oh the horror of it all:
Archbishop Cordileone went on to emphasize the importance of marriage for children. “Marriage is the only institution that unites a man and a woman to each other and to any child conceived of their union,” he said. “Our society either preserves laws that respect the fundamental right of children to be raised by their moms and dads together in marriage, or it does not.”

The Delaware bill also includes further implications of marriage redefinition in the law. For example, the bill states that terms such as “husband” and “wife” denoting a spousal relationship in Delaware law are to apply equally to persons in an opposite-sex or same-sex relationship. The bill also allows two “parents” of the same sex to be entered on the original birth certificate, thus allowing for two mothers or two fathers to be on the certificate.
At the risk of being redundant, there are two element necessary to claiming that marriage equality has any negative effect on parents and children:
  1. Married gay couple will have more children than committed couples and;
  2. The children raised by gay couples are disadvantaged in some way contrary to all of the available research.
The positive effect of marriage equality is that gays are raising some two million children who are the prospective beneficiaries of having married parents. If they are really concerned about kids     in contrast to talking points     then they should be advocates of marriage equality.
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