Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Three-year-old Tampa Boy Fatally Shoots Himself With Uncle's Gun

This blog is grossly incomplete. When it comes to gun carnage and the deaths of children, I usually limit my scope to Florida. 

I find it astonishing that hordes of Christians are fighting, tooth and nail, to keep gay kids out of the Boy Scouts of America. Their preposterous premise that gay Scouts are a threat to straight Scouts. Yet those very same Bible Belt Christians are opposed to basic gun safety laws that might actually save the lives of children. "Astonishing" is perhaps the wrong word. I find it maddening and frustrating.

The boy found a 9 mm handgun in a backpack belonging to his uncle, Jeffrey D. Walker. The uncle was not in the room when the shooting happened, but the kid's parents - Jasmine Bell, 21, and Trentin Speights, 22 - were there when the gun was fired. Walker was charged with "culpable negligence."

Trigger locks would save countless lives     including Newtown.

Where someone stores or leaves firearms within easy reach of child, and the child uses the firearm to inflict injury or death upon himself or herself or any other person, then, under Florida law, culpable negligence is classified as third degree felony.  While it is punishable by up to five years imprisonment, the law is vaguely written.
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