Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tony Perkins has simply gone from crackpot to pathological liar

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council
These days, Family Research Council is willing to say just about anything that supports its agenda - the donor loop.

Consider the contents of an email that I received today:
Well, turns out, the voices were right. Only now, the tyranny is no longer lurking around the corner--it's officially arrived. In an unfolding government corruption scandal that may very well eclipse Watergate, the IRS is finally admitting what some congressmen suspected all along: that the administration was using the agency as a hired thug to punish and silence conservatives.
There is no "corruption scandal" except in Perkins' pointy head. Moreover, there is nothing to suggest that the administration even knew about the misadventures of some IRS personnel. The notion that the Obama administration was using the IRS for political advantage is unfounded and absurd. Unlike Mr. Nixon, there is no evidence whatsoever that President Obama did anything inappropriate.
Franklin Graham, whose two North Carolina charities came under sudden scrutiny after he and his father, Rev. Billy Graham, published pro-marriage and pro-family election ads. In a letter to President Obama, the Grahams explain that an IRS agent visited both groups in October to conduct a surprise tax "review." National Organization for Marriage was another target, as their confidential documents were released to the Human Rights Campaign--whose then-president was a chairman for Obama's re-election campaign.
Correlation is not causation. Perkins knows that the IRS is staffed with career civil servants who started their careers under numerous different Presidents.  The obvious explanation is that something in one of the 990 filings triggered a review. We don't know the scope or intensity of the review. To suggest that the review was triggered by election ads might actually be true if the ads were paid for by a 501(c)3 organization. To suggest that this had anything to do with the political viewpoint is just preposterous nonsense. Perkins knows better.

As for National Organization for Marriage, there is absolutely no evidence that the IRS was involved in the disclosure of an unredacted tax return. To suggest otherwise is, simply stated, a lie.

FRC is in a donor loop.

Family Research Council doesn't really do anything. They seem to exist to raise money in order to continue to exist.
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