Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Washington Times: 'Bostonians' hands tied by gun laws'

"If only Bostonians had been armed." This is an emerging theme that was probably crafted by one of the many PR pumps at the NRA. The Washington Times explains it this way:
When the Tsarnaev brothers were on the loose, 1 million Bostonians were told to “shelter in place and not to open their door to anyone but a policeman.” Everyone praised the success of this plan, but would the monsters have actually knocked on a door seeking shelter? Or would they kicked in the door or shot their way into a home seeking hostages or worse?

Had the Tsarnaev brothers chosen to make it so, shelter in place would have become slaughter in place. Because of the strict gun laws in Massachusetts, the vast majority of the state’s residents are defenseless. Gun control has turned law-abiding citizens into potential victims.
First the obvious. This scenario did not occur in spite of the fact that the Tsarnaev brothers knew that the citizenry was unarmed.

In point of fact, Bostonians should consider themselves the beneficiaries of intelligent gun safety laws. Highly trained police officers hit their target about a third of the time. Yahoos running around with their weapons are far more likely to inflict collateral damage than to assist law enforcement.

Secondly, I am glad that at least one of these guys is alive. We may learn something from him. Civilians might have been less restrained.

Finally, you will not find a single white shirt in the Boston PD who would want the assistance of armed civilians. Three things come to mind about my shooting:
  1. The shooter was only "successful" only because he shot his .45 at point-blank range.
  2. I could have been armed to the teeth and the outcome would have been exactly the same. In fact his stealth was comparable to assuming that I was armed.
  3. I was shot in a pedestrian tunnel lined with tiles. Had others been armed, the confusion and chaos that followed would have prevented a civilian from finding and capturing my assailant. Had anyone shot a weapon in the tunnel, the chances that this would have resulted in a ricochet injury are substanial.
Gun safety measures were not conceived out of the blue. They were enacted in reaction to various forms of gun violence. Unfortunately, in the absence of a national policy, people are able to import guns to Boston, Chicago and New York from Florida, South Carolina and Mississippi (to name just three).
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