Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AFA makes the preposterous claim that JC Penney's sales decline was due to gay friendliness

An anti-gay hate group, AFA will make any claim, no matter how absurd, to denigrate LGBT people.

According to Chris Woodward, on American Family Association's blog:
After J.C. Penney parted ways with CEO Ron Johnson in April, Dan Celia of Financial Issues said he thought the retailer could ride out the storm that came about after a major drop in sales and stock following a campaign that endorsed same-sex parenting and did away with sales.
While the paragraph is technically true, it gives the impression that the so-called endorsement of same-sex parenting had something to do with the sales decline.

There are two primary reasons that JC Penney sales are in sharp decline:
  1. The company did away with sales and discounts in favor of an every day low price strategy and;
  2. 30% of the square footage of more than half of their stores has been under construction for new home departments.
The folks at AFA should make up their minds. Initially, they blamed the ad campaign featuring Ellen Degeneres for the decline in sales. That was too ridiculous, even for AFA.
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