Monday, June 3, 2013

It's over - the world has ended because some Boy Scouts walked with a gay pride parade

Sometimes, American Family Association is a source of profound amusement. Take, for example, their latest kvetch. They don't seem to get that straight people actually march in gay pride parades to demonstrate their support of equality. By the way (click to enlarge the photo), I see one Cub Scout and four or five adults, possibly in Scout garb.
Boy Scouts waste no time – march in gay pride parade
June 3, 2013
(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

This past weekend, uniformed boy scouts and leaders touted their open homosexuality by taking to the streets in Salt Lake City, Utah, and marching in the state's largest Gay Pride Parade. (Associated Press photo at right)

Although it violated current policy, a BSA spokesman said the national headquarters would not take any action against the scouts. Instead, it will leave any discipline to the Great Salt Lake Council.

Just ten days after the BSA voted to accept open and avowed "gay" scouts, the Scout Oath and Law are already falling apart. The first to fall was the pledge to be "morally straight." By defiantly marching in the parade, the BSA has now lost "trustworthy" and "obedient."

Immediately after the historic vote, activists were already screaming that the new policy doesn't go far enough. They have vowed to continue their bully tactics until homosexual adults are openly accepted.

You can expect the BSA will cave again...and soon. With more "pride" parades occurring across the nation in June, we expect to see more scouts marching for additional changes.
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