Monday, June 3, 2013

John Eastman to perjure himself tomorrow before the House Ways and Means Committee

John Eastman
According to the House Ways and Means Committee calendar the historically sleazy and litigious John Eastman, Chairman of National Organization for Marriage, will be testifying at a hearing tomorrow. According to the committee:
Ways and Means to Hold Hearing with Organizations Targeted by Internal Revenue Service for Their Personal Beliefs 

Focus Of The Hearing 

The hearing will focus on organizations that were targeted as part of the Internal Revenue Service’s practice of discriminating against applicants for tax-exempt status based on their personal beliefs.
According to The Hill:
The marriage group says the IRS leaked confidential tax information to the Human Rights Campaign, a key supporter of same-sex marriage. NOM broadcast its plans to sue shortly after the IRS apologized for the extra scrutiny it gave to groups with “Tea Party” and “patriots” in their name.
I would love to know how Eastman is getting to testify and waste taxpayer money. His complaint has nothing to do with the stated focus of the hearing (which is tax exempt status discrimination based on viewpoint).

Maggie Gallagher
If Eastman does insist that the IRS leaked their unredacted tax return to the Human Rights Campaign he is lying. He has no way of proving that. Furthermore former NOM Chairman, Maggie Gallagher, has admitted that a low-level employee was duped into sending the return to someone who sent it to HRC. Surely, Eastman knows what Gallagher said. Eastman is just part of the NOM culture that loves to play the victim.

Eastman ran a failed campaign for California AG in 2010. The former Chapman University law school dean is perhaps most famous for maneuvering to bring his pal and disgraced Bush torture memo author John Yoo to the private institution. Eastman tried to dupe voters by being listed as "assistant attorney general" or "special assistant attorney general" in campaign materials and on the Republican primary ballot. Eastman has never been an assistant AG in California nor anywhere else for that matter.

His excuse (get this) was that he was currently acting as outside counsel for South Dakota;s Attorney General.
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