Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maggie Gallagher: "Unfair and illegitimate" decisions

Not exactly Ms. Gallagher. These are final and de facto legitimate decisions of the US Supreme Court.

Just when you think that Maggie Gallagher might be getting saner, she comes up with something like this:
Maggie Gallagher
Kennedy unfairly and illegitimately makes “custom” and ‘tradition” a sufficient reason to overturn the democratic branch of government—a standard which has never been applied when Congress passes new laws that affirm new leftist values.  Kennedy’s decision is not law, it is Justice Kennedy’s moral values written into our Constitution, and interfering with our rights as Americans to pass laws that accord with our values on marriage.
She just cannot help herself:
Kennedy’s decision is the Roe v. Wade of this generation, not this generation’s Brown v. the Board of Educations  <sic>.
What I find illegitimate is making comparisons to Roe. What Gallagher is saying is that Catholic fundamentalists will never accept this decision and will fight it until their dying breaths. What Gallagher doesn't understand is that the majority of US citizens support marriage equality.

The People and now the Supreme Court see no harm in same-sex marriage. Ms. Gallagher provides nothing to supplant that thinking.
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