Thursday, June 6, 2013

NARTH misrepresents pending New Jersey legislation

A new "NARTH Bulletin" is livid over pending legislation in New Jersey that would outlaw so-called reparative "therapy." They claim that their opposition to the legislation is advocating for "client rights."
NARTH President Christopher Rosik has sent a letter to all New Jersey Senators outlining why we continue to oppose such restrictive and unethical efforts to limit the freedom of families and individual teens to seek clinical assistance for issues surrounding sexual confusion or unwanted sexual behavior in their lives. In addition, NARTH has indicated to Liberty Counsel our willingness to again join in all legal efforts to block such legislation if we again find it necessary to protect those rights in court.

Teens with "sexual confusion" are perfectly free to seek treatment from a licensed professional therapist. Parents used to subject their gay children to electroconvulsive therapy. These days, they subject their kids to toxic reorientation quackery. It  is that "therapy" that New Jersey seeks to preve

While NARTH postures itself as a scientific and professional association, they are nothing but a religious organization organization that repackages religious crackpottery as pseudo-scientific nonsense. They selected a Christianist anti-gay hate group as their legal representatives.
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