Friday, June 21, 2013

No, I am not stalking Ryan Anderson - It's his bullshit that is seemingly endless

A new day means a new polemic from Ryan T. Anderson testing the limits of what is patently absurd.

Ryan T. Anderson has been the object of my criticism lately. I have written about him here, here and here. Mr. Anderson is no ordinary dummy. he graduated Princeton magna cum laude and phi beta kappa. He is currently pursuing a doctorate at Notre Dame.

In voice and deed Anderson is on equal footing with the obsessed moron who pays for those airplane banners "warning" of gay day at Disney. Ultimately, this is all about what Anderson believes is "disordered" behavior. It's tragic really.

Anderson has abandoned the discipline and critical thinking expected of someone with his intellect and education.

I am guessing that Anderson no longer speaks with anyone who does not share his extremist religious views. This is evident in today's piece at the Heritage Foundation titled Equality and the Redefinition of Marriage.
Ryan T. Anderson
What’s at issue is whether the Supreme Court will redefine marriage—and then force every citizen, religious institution, and business to treat same-sex relationships as if they are marriages. At issue is whether the government will trample the real civil rights of Americans (such as religious liberty) as it coerces and compels them to recognize and affirm same-sex relationships as marriages.
My theory (as in guess) is that Robert George (with whom he wrote a book promoting marriage discrimination) recruited Anderson into Opus Dei during his time at Princeton. Whether or not that is true is irrelevant. It seems an irrefutable presumption that Mr. Anderson is a conservative Catholic to the extreme.

I doubt that Mr. Anderson can write a sentence without sophomoric demagoguery.  Other than "standing," the issue in Hollingsworth v. Perry is whether or not Prop 8 insults the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. In US v. Windsor, the issue is whether or not Congress can create a unique class exception to DOMA.

Should Proposition 8 be struck down then California will recognize same-sex marriages. Should Section 3 of DOMA be struck down then the federal government will recognize marriages that a recognized by the state.

If Mr. Anderson wants to insist that recognizing same-sex marriages "redefines" marriage, he does so with the projection of his own intellect in peril. Will we ever be able to put the religious liberty nonsense to rest? Could we try?

District of Columbia
Mr. Anderson lives in the equal marriage District of Columbia. Yet he freely voices his hyperbolic anti-gay intolerance. Have police come knocking? Nobody is forcing him to accept the marital status of gay couples. If he goes to a church in the District, that house of worship is not obligated to solemnize or recognize same-sex marriages. They don't even have to allow gay couples entry.

Before the District had marriage equality, it had anti-discrimination ordinances that included sexual orientation as a protected class. A public accommodation cannot refuse goods or services to gay people. Oh, the tyranny of it all. Since marriage equality took effect, the same ordinance remains unchanged. The courts have long held that religion is not a license to discriminate. In the extreme, a member of the Christian Identity Church who happens to own a restaurant must serve blacks and Jews even though, according to his religion, they are agents of Satan.

The "real civil rights of Americans" that Mr. Anderson writes of aren't those that Mr. Anderson likes. Were there universal agreement then we would not need civil rights ordinances in the first place. Is Mr. Anderson implying that the civil rights of LGBT citizens are make believe? What does he mean by real civil rights and who is the arbiter of that distinction? Would that be Mr. Anderson? Doesn't the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment provide a civil right to be free from religion?

The rest of Anderson's little self-victimization fest is a repetition of his other polemics in various places. Mr. Anderson redefines civil marriage in accord with his extreme religious beliefs. According to him, marriage is the creation of parents to crank out children.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. . . ."

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