Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NOM Last Night: "We feel good about the likelihood of prevailing on Proposition 8"

Official "Vote NO on Prop 8" logo
Thus far today? Radio silence.

I am looking for new adventures in victimology as National Organization for Marriage marinates in these decisions. My guess is that they are trying to figure out if they can file a stay in California. At the same time they are wording their "unelected activist judges usurped the will of the voters in California" statement. The gay judge Walker was  right all along with respect to standing.

All the time,energy and money spent on Proposition 8 was for naught. In the long run, equality tends to prevail. As for DOMA, we are only one case away from national marriage equality via "full faith and credit;" The obligation of states to recognize others states' marriages.

National marriage equality has never been more inevitable!
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