Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh my, "The Tide has Turned!"

Money down the toilet
According to National Organization for Marriage, The Tide Has Turned! Victory in Illinois!. Presumably, two exclamation points were required. While this piece is dated today, June 3 (blog and email versions), NOM continues: The myth of gay marriage inevitability died last night in Illinois! Perhaps there is a sale on exclamation points.

NOM goes on, in great verbosity, to explain how remarkably adept they are at banning gay marriage. Of course they claim that they are "protecting" marriage. Yet, as usual, this is about getting people to give NOM more of their money to fight what rational folks know really is inevitable. They even have a new name for the collection crapper; The Win More States Fund. New name, same NOM.

I suspect that even Brian Brown realizes that Illinois will probably vote for marriage equality in a special session this summer or in the "veto session" in the fall.

It really is inevitable!
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