Friday, June 28, 2013

What on earth is Mat Staver saying?

Ordinarily my headline would have been, well, more colorful to put it politely.

Today, Liberty Counsel issued a press release titled Supreme Court Decision on DOMA Raises Serious Questions About the Opinion’s Legitimacy. Therein, Mat Staver concludes:
Mat Staver
Such irresponsible language by the Court undermines its legitimacy in the eyes of the people. The Court does not have unlimited authority. This decision presumed too much of the people’s blind acceptance of its authority. Just like a corporate act cannot be ultra vires (beyond its authority), the people may determine that this decision is beyond the authority of this Court. If that happens, the Court will lose its authority.
Is this schmuck threatening open rebellion against the United States? He seems to be paraphrasing "consent of the governed" from the Declaration of Independence.

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