Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yet ANOTHER 11-year-old brings a loaded gun to school

Parents in need of adult supervision!

Semi-automatic handgun
It was just a week ago today that I wrote about an 11-year-old in Homestead who brought a gun to school in his backpack and accidentally shot a classmate.

Yesterday an 11-year-old special needs student was found with a loaded semi-automatic handgun at a Doral, Florida elementary school. Apparently, the weapon was wrapped in a blanket and stuffed into the kid's backpack. The fifth-grader showed the gun to a classmate who reported it to a teacher who confiscated it. Fortunately no on was injured.

The primary use of a gun in South Florida is to shoot innocent citizens, including ourselves.

I really have to question our collective sanity and intellect. In Dade County, alone, we probably have more weaponry than the Bolivian army. It is the proliferation of guns that causes more people to have guns. We don't seem to be using these guns to thwart criminals. We're just shooting each other.

It should be a felony to be so negligent as to permit a minor to access a gun unsupervised. We have citizens who are idiot savants. They can recite the Second Amendment but are so spectacularly stupid that their weapons of mass destruction are not secured from young children. You need a license to be a plumber but any schmuck can buy a gun; No questions asked.

When will the next child be killed?
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