Saturday, July 13, 2013

Alternative Scouts will allow gays as long as they don't "flaunt it" - Some advice for Mr. Stemberger

John Stemberger
I'm guessing that John Stemberger has designs on a seven-figure paycheck. His ambitions are greater than his intellect.

According to LifeSiteNews:
Boy Scout leaders who bolted the organization after it voted to allow homosexual boys to join have announced that the new group they are founding will also allow boys who consider themselves gay to join – but the new group will emphasize chastity and “principles and values that reflect a Christian worldview.”

John Stemberger, the founder of OnMyHonor.Net – one of the groups leading the formation of the new scouting group, has said, "There is not going to be any acting out, nor is there going to be a witch-hunt.”

"We wouldn't expect any flaunting, innuendo, gestures or speech," he added.
This is so over-the-top offensive as to be almost comical. It provides a wonderful outlet for my usual sarcasm but there's nothing funny about it. When it comes to children there is little room for humor. This represents this person's stereotypical view of LGBT Americans. It's a view that is widely shared among Christian conservatives. They would prefer that their boy have a crippling disease than be gay or, worse yet, be a sissy. This is what passes for family values? I don't think so.

Buy a clue Mr. Stemberger. One of your children might be gay and there is not a damned thing that you can do about it.

Roughly 5% of this country's teens are gay. 5% of Republicans' children; 5% of Opus Deists' children; 5% of the children of Tea Partiers; 5% of the most devout Southern Baptists' children; 5% of Hasidim children; 5% of African-Americans; 5% of whites of Scandinavian heritage. Parenting has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Just ask Phyllis Schlafly or Beverly LeHaye.

What is also a certainty is that refusing to accept differences in sexual orientation will not make one gay child straight. Personally, I enjoy being a bit different.

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