Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Apparently Randy Thomasson does not believe that what happened to Proposition 8 actually happened to Proposition 8

Mr. Thomasson is often confused. He seems to require pictures.
Randy Thomasson
But I digress. According to Randy Thomasson, via (hate group) American Family Association's blog, the Supreme Court ruling on Prop. 8 "created a mess" in California. Randy further explains that "it leaves intact a ruling by retired homosexual Judge Vaughn Walker, who overturned the state's Proposition 8." It's important to Randy that he point out the judge's sexual orientation. But Thomasson has a theory:
The U.S. District Court jurisdiction of Judge Vaughn Walker only extends to 15 counties, in the San Francisco Bay Area and along the Northern California coast. Therefore, homosexual marriages are unlawful in at least 43 California counties.
It is unknown if homosexual marriages will be limited to the four plaintiffs, the two counties where the plaintiffs came from, or the 15 counties in Judge Walker's district.
Well the AG of California disagrees. All of this seems confusing only to Mr. Thomasson. Of course Mr. Thomasson could always go back to federal court to challenge the extent to which Judge Walker's decision applies. Oh, wait, he doesn't have standing in federal court. What a shame. He could try state court but then there's that pesky judicial supremacy thingie to contend with.

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