Friday, July 5, 2013

Conservative Christianity has a new enemy indoctrinating their kids - yoga

Victimized Christians with indoctrinated children who are harassed for their religious beliefs. It has a certain familiarity to it

Judge rules against Christians over yoga protest.

I have been reading mentions on Christian blogs and news sites about yoga. I didn't pay much attention to it. Where was my intellectual curiosity? It seems that those good folks (who are always challenging the Establishment Clause) are incensed about yoga exercise classes in public schools.

It seems that Schools in Encinitas, Calif., use yoga classes for fitness, not to indoctrinate students into Buddhism. At least that is what a judge ruled this week. This resolves a February complaint Stephen and Jennifer Sedlock filed against the school district, on behalf of their two children.

In addition to claiming that the district's yoga program "unlawfully promotes and advances religion, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Western metaphysics," the Sedlocks claimed that students who choose not to take yoga are bullied and harassed. They also claimed that the classes conflict with their Christian beliefs.

"Western metaphysics?" These folks probably don't know the difference between metaphysics and carbon dioxide.

National Center for :aw and Policy
Apparently, this is the world headquarters
of the National Center for Law and Policy
In case you are wondering, the lawyer for the plaintiffs is Dean Broyles, a graduate of (wait for it) Regent University Law. Broyles seems to run a one-man ADF-like firm called the National Center for Law and Policy.
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