Monday, July 22, 2013

Every now and then the broken clock is right - even for Log Cabin Repulicans

Log Cabin Republicans are calling for an investigation into the San Diego County Clerk who filed a motion to halt same-sex marriages with the California Supreme Court. While I noted on Friday the expense to taxpayers, I failed to appreciate the full extend of Mr. Dronenburg's malfeasance.

Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego County President Susan Jester points out:

Using the office of the County Clerk of San Diego to further a religious and political agenda is a serious violation of the public’s trust, it’s un-American and it sure doesn’t represent my conservative values. County Clerk Ernie Dronenberg is an elected official and he is accountable to the taxpayers of San Diego County.  I am calling on the Board of Supervisors today, to investigate these actions fully, and I am asking Chairman Cox to direct County Clerk Dronenberg to “stand down” immediately, stop wasting the taxpayer’s money, obey the order from the state of California and do the job the voters elected him to do.
Read more at the San Diego LGBT Weekly
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