Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God Hates Hags - Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey
As RightWingWatch reported:

[Linda] Harvey hopes listeners [to her radio show] tell the kids of same-sex couples that they should urge their parents to become ex-gays: “No one has to pursue a homosexual lifestyle and anyone with sense and genuine love for both the child and for our God and for his plans for us will tell that child the truth: lots of people have left homosexual desires and behavior to live lives consistent with the way God clearly made us.”

I don't know if Ms. Harvey has any children but I think that my readers should try to find them in order to tell them to urge her to either find a deprogrammer or spend a few weeks in a decent (secular) library. This woman is usually wrong and never uncertain. She makes Sarah Palin sound like Dr. Paul Krugmann.

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