Friday, July 12, 2013

Helen Alvare does what Helen Alvare does - hip deep

Helen Alvare
Helen Alvare has taken to Witherspoon Institute's blog to voice her displeasure with the Supreme Court's decisions in the marriage cases.

Ms. Alvare begins with Prop 8:
Following upon the Court’s holding in Hollingsworth v. Perry, same-sex couples are already obtaining marriage licenses in California, despite the votes of seven million Californians in favor of ballot initiative Proposition 8.
Ms. Alvare is an attorney. She teaches law. She knows that the plaintiffs could not establish any harm that they would suffer as a result of invalidating Prop 8. Hence, they did not have standing.

Ms. Alvare describes the majority opinion in US v Windsor accurately. Then we get a plentiful helping of bullshit:
The majority did not devote a single line to the lawmakers’ well-documented interests in assuring a special regard, nationally, for the wellbeing of children as a class, children for whom natural marriage is simply the only vehicle for tying their fathers to their mothers and to themselves, and indeed for preserving their entire historical and genealogical identity in this world. Not a line.
Please. Please! Gay couples are going to raise the same children irrespective of whether or not they can marry. Allowing those couples to marry is what is in the best interests of their kids. Meanwhile heterosexual couples are going to unite in the same marriages and crank out the same children.

These people are like cultists. Alvare is a smart woman but she repeats what so many of these people keep saying that denying gay couples the right to marry somehow benefits children. These are religious zealots seeking to find harm where none exists.
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