Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How NOM misleads potential donors in order to fill its coffers

National Organization for Marriage will say just about anything to collect donations.

In an email today, NOM is giving the impression that it needs financial support to enact a Constitutional amendment to ban equal marriage:
Within hours of last week's [Supreme Court] rulings, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana issued a statement calling upon the General Assembly to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot for the people of Indiana to vote on next November.
NOM has been strongly supportive of this effort since 2011, when the first vote to put a Marriage Protection Amendment on the ballot passed both chambers by large, bipartisan margins.
Then, of course, they ask for money:
If you do not live in Indiana please forward this to your friends and family who do (or use the social media sharing buttons at the top and bottom of this email) and make a pledge to support our critical work.
NOM doesn't seem to mention the simple fact that 54% of Indiana voters disapprove of the measure which could be on the 2014 ballot. Only 38% of Indiana voters approve. Between now and November of 2014 the numbers are likely to only go in one direction     towards equality.

Exactly what NOM presumes to do with the money remains unknown. Come to think of it, we have yet to entertain a cogent answer to the basic, underlying question; Why does NOM seek to ban same-sex marriage?

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