Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is National Organization for Marriage's constituency really THIS uncaring?

A dying man wants to marry his partner. It seems that the trolls at National Organization for Marriage are all bent out of shape over a judge's decision in Ohio to recognize one same-sex marriage. According to NOM:
Federal Judge Makes Unilateral Decision to Recognize Same-Sex 'Marriage' in Ohio, Ignoring State Ban
Yes you dumb schmucks. That's what most judges do. They make decisions.
Despite a constitutional amendment that protects marriage as the union of husband and wife in the state of Ohio, U.S. District judge Timothy Black is taking it upon himself to selectively decide when the law does and does not apply.
This is a TRO affecting just one couple. A federal judge is not bound by state law. Don't these idiots have any compassion? This was about a dying man wanting to get married to his partner before he succumbed. What is wrong with these people?

Judge Black might invalidate the amendment. Then they'll really have something to bitch about.
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