Monday, July 8, 2013

It didn't take Joshua Duggar long to spout FRC's anti-choice bullshit

Josh Duggar is the new executive director of FRC Action. I am certain that he is eminently qualified for the position. After all, the home schooled Duggar has been on TEEvee. Anyhow, according to an email that I just received:
Joshua and Anna Duggar
This evening I'll be joining conservative leaders from around the nation for a rally at the Texas State Capitol here in Austin. We will be speaking out for those who are unable to speak for themselves -- the unborn children. The goal of this rally is to encourage passage of HB2, the bill that will protect the unborn after 20 weeks while also protecting women by placing reasonable regulations on abortion providers in Texas.
Horse manure. Unconstitutional anti-choice laws do nothing for women unless denying them access to a lawful medical procedure is to their benefit.

Pretty soon this schmuck will start spouting off about the evil "homosexual agenda." This type lack the critical thinking skills of the average Rottweiler.
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