Friday, July 26, 2013

J. Matt Barber - Constitutional Power Lawyer

J. Matt Barber seems to think that he is Ted Olson's legal peer. 

Matt Barber
I was struck by part of an article (an anti-gay screed of course) on WND:
An attorney whose work on constitutional issues is well known says such conflicts shouldn’t happen. Matt Barber, vice president for Liberty Counsel Action, told WND that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is supreme, and local ordinances that demand people violate its precepts must fall.
Barber makes some pretty preposterous claims — including enhancements to his own expertise. May I set the record straight?
  • Matt Barber has a correspondence program law degree through fourth-rate Liberty Law.
  • Mr. Barber does not seem to be licensed to practice law anywhere in the United States.
  • It does not appear that Mr. Barber has ever been licensed to practice law anywhere in the United States.
Real lawyers often work at law firms during summers while attending law school. When the nation's best prospects graduate law school and join prestigious firms, they are little more than glorified apprentices. Over the first few years they learn their craft under the tutelage of more senior lawyers and partners of the firm.

Before Barber joined Liberty Counsel, he was the communications director for Concerned Women for America, another right wing Christian group.

Someone like Barber has never had that experience, or any experience for that matter. Claiming that he is a constitutional lawyer is like someone graduating a Caribbean medical school, never serving a residency and then claiming to be a cardiologist. It is ludicrous.

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