Friday, July 26, 2013

Janet Boynes seeking ex-gay TV characters from Disney

Ex-gay-for-pay Janet Boynes is not happy with the homosexual agenda®. According to her; “As we sit and watch TV, all we see is the homosexual community taking over the airwaves.” Writing for Charisma News, Boynes asks: Are Your Kids Being Deceived by Gay Propaganda? 

According to Boynes:
One Million Moms should push for Disney and many other shows to air a show with a person that has left the life of homosexuality. When have we seen this kind of lifestyle being shown in a positive light on Lifetime movies, in secular media, on Capitol Hill, at the White House or on any other television show, for that matter?
I wonder if Ms. Boynes has some casting suggestions in mind. Boynes has created a self-serving enterprise out of her claims about her own sexuality. This Minnesotan, and friend of Marcus and Michel, describes numerous relationships with men in her book. If anything she is bisexual, and quite the homophobe to boot.
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