Tuesday, July 9, 2013

LeClaire: 'Now the Gay Agenda Wants to Dictate What Movies You Watch'

Jennifer LeClaire
Jennifer LeClaire's column in Charisma is comically titled Watchman on the Wall. Seriously.

While the "gay agenda" provides a "what-the-fuck" moment when personified, "it" has no designs on dictating anything. What Ms. LeClaire is referring to is our community's distaste for Orson Scott Card.

I certainly don't want to directly or indirectly put money in Orson Scott Card's bank account.

Orson Scott Card
Aside from being on the board of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, Mr. Card is stridently homophobic. Aside from being a champion of sodomy laws, Mr. Card has advanced the theory that sexual orientation is a choice. According to Card, even if people are genetically predisposed to being gay, they don't have to act on those predispositions.

Ms. LeClaire's take (emphasis not added):
The gay agenda already worked to get Card fired from DC Comics for his beliefs. DC Comics shelved Card’s part in a Superman project indefinitely in response to the gay agenda’s intimidation. So why not go after the Harrison Ford film and anything else that gets in the way of LGBT momentum too?

Can you see it? We are moving into an era where anyone who disagrees with what the gay agenda wants is muzzled, shut down and downright boycotted.
With a fresh wind of boldness courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court, you can expect to see radical gay activists rush to the fore with boycotts on anything and everything that refuses to bow down to its moves to further reshape our culture in the name of tolerance.
Conservative Christians are the last people who should complain about economic boycotts. From the schmuck who flies banners over Disney World during gay days to the boycott of JC Penney, which had the audacity to use Ellen DeGeneres in commercials, they have been twisting arms for decades.

Furthermore, LeClaire does what Card does; framing bigotry as a "disagreement" and that gays are persecuting someone for their beliefs.  Thinking that gays are sinful is a matter of disagreement. Working to deny gays equal protection under the law while demeaning our community is flat out bigotry.

Believing that it's OK to eat pork and shellfish is a disagreement over beliefs. Claiming that Jews are evil Christ killers is antisemitism. Card makes it perfectly clear (with a loud microphone) that gays are evil perverts as far as he is concerned.

When I was a kid, we (Jews) preferred Cadillacs over Lincolns because Henry Ford was an antisemitic bigot. Ford Motor Company was tainted for decades     long after Henry was decomposing in his grave. I think that Jews made the right decision then and I think that gays are making the right decision now.

Most of us do not have unlimited resources. We make choices over how we spend our money. I choose not to spend it on a film that might enrich Mr. Card. Others are free to make their own choices, including Ms. LeClaire.
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