Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mat Staver continues his battle to sustain the now defunct California Proposition 8

June 11, 1963: Gov. George Wallace stands in the schoolhouse
door attempting to block the desegregation of Univ. of Alabama
Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver lives in a universe that he alone has created.

We have seen this movie before at the stand in the schoolhouse door. After the Supreme Court ruling in Brown v Board of Education, Governor George Wallace confronted Deputy US Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach to symbolically prevent the admission of two black students to the University of Alabama. Is this what Mr. Staver expects of Governor Brown?

American Family Association's blog quotes Mat Staver as saying:
Mat Staver
Clearly the governor and the attorney general over-stepped their bounds and engaged in lawlessness by threatening the clerks to force them to issue same-sex marriage licenses, period ... Proposition 8 is still the law of the land and will remain the law of the land until a federal court of appeals strikes it down – and that has not happened.
I would first note that Mr. Staver is not a resident of California. This guy is the dean of a (albeit fourth tier) law school.

“Clearly?” A federal court has ruled that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. According to Staver it is lawless to follow the final ruling of a federal court. No Mr. Staver; Proposition 8 is not still in effect. You lost. Move along now.

By the way, in the same AFA blog post, Linda Harvey weighs in:
Harvey, Linda (Mission: America)Linda Harvey of the pro-family group Mission America says citizens of the state cannot ignore that California officials are refusing to uphold Prop. 8, even though it is still state law. "No citizen of the state of California can feel comfortable living in a state where the officials will not defend law as it is made and as it is passed by the people,” she says.
Oy veh.

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