Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New documents show that Timothy Dolan may have committed bankruptcy fraud

Cardinal Timothy Dolan
The Vatican was complicit in trying to hide $57 million from creditors.

Newly disclosed documents show that, in 2007, when Timothy Dolan was archbishop of Milwaukee, he wrote to the Vatican for authorization to shift assets from the operating accounts of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to a separate legal entity, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust. Dolan wrote,
I foresee an improved protection of these funds from any legal claim and liability.
The Milwaukee archdiocese filed for bankruptcy in January 2011, two years after Dolan left it. If Dolan was preparing for the bankruptcy filing at the time then he committed one count of bankruptcy fraud (hiding assets). If the Cardinal falsified any forms, that would constitute as second count. Bankruptcy fraud is a felony. Penalties are imprisonment for up to five years, a fine up to $250,000 or both.

In bankruptcy, the archdiocese would have forfeited all protections accorded religious organizations. In any bankruptcy, the assets of the filer are a key issue. In addition to the $57 million transferred to the cemetery fund, $90 million was transferred to parishes. The parishes are separate legal entities and are not included in the bankruptcy. In other words, $147 million seems to have been deliberately placed outside the grasp of creditors.

On marriage equality, according to Dolan:
Our role, our sacred responsibility is to defend marriage from anything – anything – that would dilute it from what nature intends and what the God of nature intends namely, a life-long, life-giving, faithful union between one man and one woman.

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