Thursday, July 25, 2013

NOM's "Poor Us" in Desperation and Despair

National Organization for Marriage has never been short of self-victimization. Now, it seems, they believe their own BS.

NOM seems to want underdog status. That seems to be the inspiration for their blog post, The Lawlessness of Gay Marriage Activists is on Full Display.
It's lawless — but it's executed by courts, politicians, and legal officials being pushed by powerful gay marriage activists to abandon their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the law. In the eyes of our opponents, and increasingly among their allies, the right of homosexuals to "marry" trumps everything else — including the rule of law!
In other words, they are losing while being on the wrong side of history. But what would a NOM post be lately without an excursion to Never-Never Land? According to NOM, you see, the Supreme Court is not the end of the legal line. When it comes to Proposition 8, they claim, the legal system has not been exhausted. I notice that NOM's trial counsel, Charles Cooper, is not joining in on the fun. Presumably he realizes that there is no 19th hole.
In California, state officials beholden to gay marriage activists are ordering all marriage clerks to ignore Prop 8 — despite the fact the California state constitution requires officials to uphold laws on the books until they are overturned by an appellate court. Despite what the media wants you to believe, Prop 8 has NOT been overturned in this manner.
Uh, Proposition 8 is history; Kaput. For an organization that has the full weight and wealth of the Catholic Church behind them you'd think that they are the proverbial 90 pound weaklings. Please.

NOM lost at trial and all the appeals have been exhausted. Their god is irrelevant in this equation.

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