Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paul Madore: "The bulk of homosexuals practice pedophilia"

Paul Madore
A crude homophobic comment by Governor LePage of Maine has brought out the crazies to defend him.

LePage said that State Senator Troy Jackson "claims to be for the people, but he's the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline." Needless to say, that created a backlash. Michael Heath, formerly of the Christian Civic League, and Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition decided that someone needed to defend LePage.

So they had a Porno Pete LaBarbera style press conference.

Michael Heath
Michael Heath
After equating homosexuality to pedophilia, Heath and Madore were asked whether they were concerned about being labeled as bigots.

"The reality is, don't you think we stopped to think about that? Do you think that would trouble us that people would be that shallow, that people would accuse us of being bigots?" Madore said. "The bulk of homosexuals practice pedophilia. There's a higher percentage of homosexuals that practice pedophilia."

Nobody ever accused these folks of being terribly bright.

They went on to rant about the legislature. Meanwhile, the Governor was doing his best "Who?" "What?" LePage released a statement saying:
This group has no affiliation with the Office of the Governor or the Governor, nor do they speak for the Office of the Governor.
What I find terribly depressing is that people actually listen to these two nitwits. I lost track of Heath. For awhile he was making clay pots in Africa. Since then he shows up here and there. Madore? Who cares?
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